About Us

Goals and Objectives:


  • To present an annual agricultural exhibition and related events that encourages awareness and improvement, cultivation and creation of agriculture, livestock, horticulture, floriculture, home arts and hobbies, in our community.

  • To educate the public and to encourage young people, especially 4-H clubs, to understand and appreciate the value and importance of agriculture in their communities and their everyday lives.

  • To provide facilities and promotions for the entertainment and amusement of citizens of all ages.

  • To help the entire community grow by including community groups, industrial, commercial, mechanical and household arts.


History of the Vancouver Island Exhibition Fair in Nanaimo:


The Fair originally started over 100 years ago and continues now as an annual event to advance the education of agriculture and showcase local farmers and 4-H clubs, bringing agricultural awareness to our community. As farming changes and land becomes more urban, we need to keep our farms alive, to provide top quality products and to encourage the education of the past, present and future of all areas of agriculture. Although some professionals show at Fairs, it is the children that most impress the fairgoers. Bright eyed children and animals are a winning combination. We take a step back to celebrate the simple, but important things in life.

Our country Fair is more than just entertainment. The one value we truly exhibit is Family. At our Fair, everyone of every age can participate. From displaying jams, jellies and livestock to showing heirloom quilts, artwork, pumpkins, prize flowers, home grown zucchini, fresh baked cookies and pies. Many painstaking but loving hours, go into every item and animal on display, with the hopes of encouraging others to learn different crafts and skills and to especially excite beginners to try new things that can enhance their life skills and self-sufficiency. Our Fair is a place to come with family and friends, a place to have fun and honour accomplishments. Our entry fees are kept very low, as is the prize money. The intent has never been to make the winners rich by having or making the best, the biggest or the most expensive entry, but to enjoy the variety of talents and efforts put forth by our neighbours and to honour accomplishments.

Our Fair is presented each year by a core group of hard working volunteers, who donate many hundreds of hours to carefully organize this annual 3 day event. Many community minded corporate sponsors lend or donate countless services, too numerous to mention. The Fair would like to thank all of these supporters in the community for their efforts, be it financial, material, hard work, time or effort. With your kind generosity, we are excited to welcome you back this year.

We wish all exhibitors the best luck with your entries and extend an invitation to everyone to come to our Fair, view the many animals, exhibits and shows, to relax and just have fun!